After a decade of experience in hospitality and business consulting, I planned several weddings for friends and discovered an irresistible creative business opportunity. It didn't take long before I took the leap to launch my wedding planning firm. Several years later, I'm honored to have been a part of the beginning of dozens of families. 

I believe my clients' wedding days should revolve completely around their relationships with each other and their closest friends and family. I've found that destination weddings are one of the very best ways to focus the guest list and create an unforgettable experience for the couple and those they love!

When I'm not working on my darling clients' weddings, I love to be outdoors with my husband Matt and our energetic husky dogs, Sasha and Lobo.  I also enjoy hopping on planes to explore new places whenever I get the chance, and my greatest guilty pleasure is hotel breakfast room service. Life is way too short to not order up an amazing eggs Benedict with a fresh pot of coffee in bed once in a while.


I specialize in providing competent leadership and elegant design through a minimalist destination wedding planning process.

By minimalist, I don't mean barren or plain: I only mean that I steer my to couples focus on the most impactful elements of the day to create an inviting environment without going overboard. I give them permission to relax and let go of outdated traditions. I help them to understand they may only need to do 2 of the 20 stressful things a wedding magazine insists they must do if they don't want to face eternal social judgment (Spoiler: You won't believe number 5!).

I believe in this because I myself am on a conscious journey to simplify life and focus on meaningful experiences and relationships, and I want to share that with my clients. A marriage is something to be celebrated, and it should feel beautiful. I love working with artists who are passionate about a fine art approach to flowers or an elegant paper technique. But I also believe that enthusiasm for these elements needs to be grounded; we should do our best to select each component based on what makes the couple truly happy, not on what the wedding industry tells them they "should" do. At all times, we need to remember that the true investment is the marriage, not the wedding day.

I act as the main point of contact for all aspects of the event, providing design vision and project management from start to finish. For the style of destination weddings I plan, our clients budget a minimum of $1,000 per guest. For instance, for a 50-guest wedding, our clients generally can anticipate a minimum budget of $50,000. Different locations and tastes may increase that budget, and that's something we love to discuss openly during our very first consultation call!




When designing weddings, I believe in starting with the old real estate adage: "Location, location, location!" When my couples select destination wedding locations that match their personality and style, an elegant decor strategy comes together organically, without fuss or excess costs.

While I have successfully enjoyed transforming ballrooms, I have found that this approach can cause undue stress and much higher decor budgets for clients. If you are interested in working with a planner who regularly transforms spaces, I would love to refer you to one of my talented friends in the industry!

To learn more or to get started planning your event together, please visit the contact page!